Attention All Tenants (COVID-19) News Letter


Dear Tenant


We know this is a difficult time for everyone and especially for small businesses.

We understand that what is going on is impacting every business at some level.  To get through this period means we all must work together to find solutions to problems that we never been faced with before.

Most important that we all follow the guidelines of government officials and the medical community to help prevent the spread of this virus. In response to inquiries we have received about what Silvestri is able to do to assist you in getting through this period, please review the below information

If you need financial assistance to get through this period below are sources you have available to you to help you to work through this period.

First you should contact your bank and discuss with them what financial assistance they can provide you in the form of a bank line of credit or business loan.  Also contact lending institutions about obtaining a business loan. Your Bank may also be able to assist you in apply for and SBA Loan

Next take advantage of the government SBA loan programs.  To get more information about these low interest loans you can contact the Houston Area SBA office located at 8701 South Gessner, or call 713-752-8444, 800-659-2955 or713- 773-6500 to get information on how to apply for these SBA loans. Also you can go to this website for further information or go to and it will take to web sites that will provide you useful information about SBA loans.

You should also contact your insurance provider to see if you have coverage that will provide you funding.

Here are other useful sites

For information about lenders who handle SBA loans go to this web site

Another useful site for information about applying for an SBA is .

To find out more information on what financial information you will need to have when applying for an SBA Loan go , this is a really great site

Many of the Houston area banks handle SBA loans.  You should contact your bank and ask if they handle SBA loans.  Here are few Houston Area banks that handle SBA loans; Well Fargo, Chase, Independent Bank, BBVA Compass Bank, Amegy Bank, United Commerical Bank, Frost Bank, and Wallis Bank to name a few.  All have loan offers ready to assist you.

If after you have contact your bank and the SBA and you have not been successful in obtaining financial assistance, and need help with your rent certainly contact us and we will try to provide rent assistance. We will ask you to provide us with copies of letters from bank and the SBA denying you financial assistance.

For assistance please contact your property manager or call our Office at 713-785-6272.

We are here to help.


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